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Dark Mists - Annika Eade In Kyoto in 1936, the Japanese government recruits four geisha to spy on and eventually assassinate members of the yakuza. This storyline is so full of awesome I am heartbroken to have to tell you that the comic is just not that good. Neither the art nor the writing helps distinguish the geisha from each other, which is a problem when they're all in formal makeup and have the same hair-styles; they have unique kimono, but the kimono change from scene to scene. It is pretty bad when the 13-year-old miko (apprentice) has to identify herself in the dialogue, because there's no way to visually distinguish her from the geisha in their twenties around her. (I also thought miko wore slightly different makeup and outfits from geisha, but I may have that wrong.)

Additionally, several of the plot twists depend on the geisha being kind of dumb, accepting the word of people who clearly mean no good, and not asking obvious questions.

I can't tell whether the ending is supposed to be a cliff-hanger or a resounding horror, but it left me cold either way.