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リバーズ・エッジ (Wonderland comics)

Ribāzu Ejji - Kyōko Okazaki English title: River's Edge

The dark side of shojo (I think it was actually published as alternative or josei). In a dead-end high school by a polluted industrial river, other boys bully too-pretty boy Yamada; indignant girl Haruna fights them off more than Yamada does, just because, and she and Yamada and model Kozue become friends. Yamada shares his deepest secret with Haruna: a corpse by the river he goes to watch. Kozue likes the corpse because it shows what's underneath the skin. Secrets among and around the three intertwine and explode.

Dark portrait of urban anomie. Bullying, sadomasochism, loveless sex (homosexual and heterosexual), dark ugly unrequited love (homosexual and heterosexual), violence, self-violence, and eating disorders. Grim and honest. The friendship between Yamada and Haruna is the one point of hope in the entire book, and it's a twisted edged hope; it's hard to tell whether the friendship is going to raise them up or drag them down.

Everyone here is broken, but no more (Okazaki suggests) than anyone else is.