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Captain America: No Escape

Captain America: No Escape - Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice, Jackson Guice, Mitch Breitweiser Brubaker is so consistent it almost does him a disservice -- you grow to expect his strengths, and so discount them. Marvel's habit of doing short collections also does him no benefit; read en masse the stories gain a cumulative, novelistic weight.

I will say that I am increasingly frustrated by his female characters -- they are strong and smart, certainly, but their arcs are subordinated to the men's. Does Sharon have conflicted feelings about continuing a relationship with a man she was basically brainwashed into pursuing and adding? What does this all mean for someone who had put duty over personal relationships and always defined herself as a soldier? Does Natasha have any kind of character arc at all? (And why does Bucky say that neither she nor Steve nor Sam could understand his feelings about his past as the Winter Soldier? Wasn't Natasha basically in the same position? Though I think Brubaker really missed the boat the most with Sin, whose life as tortured into Red Skull 2, then brainwashed into American normality, then returned to Red Skull 2, is the creepy inverse of Bucky's. Cackling evil is the least interesting place to go with her character.)

Anyway, this arc about Baron Zemo bringing up Bucky's Winter Soldier past -- and the different places Zemo and Bucky choose to define as Bucky's birthplace -- recovers old ground, although I found it more interesting than Two Americas.