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Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic after Thirty Years
Annette R. Federico, Sandra M. Gilbert
Annette LaPointe
Changing - Lily Hoang an experimental novella/long prose poem about the recurring conflicts and relationships in the life of a young Vietnamese American woman, with a structure modeled on the I Ching, and recurrent imagery from "Jack and Jill." The unnamed narrator (the little girl, the sister little sister) disagrees frequently with the Translator, and the reader, whom she addresses directly, is sometimes "you lover" and sometimes "you reader" (the reader of her narrative, the reader of the oracles). As far as I can tell, this succeeds in what it sets out to do, but what it sets out to do doesn't appeal to me.

Claire Kent, Nameless and Escorted: erotic romance novels distinguished by heroines with massive boundary issues, heroes who are supposed to be charming and in control and just come across as incredibly repressed, and a style which subsitutes repetitions about the characters' established issues for any demonstration of them. Possibly I am not the ideal reader for erotic romance. I wanted less sex and more character development.