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Women Against Men (Virago Modern Classics)

Women against Men - Storm Jameson Three novellas. The first is about a friendship between two women who maintain their tie for the comfort of despising each other; the second is about a rich woman who falls in love with an ambitious clerk, and finds her vocation in managing his career; the third is about a kept woman aged almost but not quite past her career.

Despite the title, the women don't appear to act against men in any way I recognize: against other women, yes, often about men, but men reap the benefit, always and often explicitly. The rich woman of the second novella thinks the phrase when trying to talk a man into keeping his adulterous wife--but she's not doing it for the other woman's sake, she's doing it for her own husband's campaign. The women all subsume themselves to men, except for the prostitute of the third story, who has no loyalty to anyone, nor anyone loyal to her.

The women are all in their mid-thirties, which they consider the end of their youth and any real possibility of happiness or fulfillment. I turned thirty-five while reading this and just laughed.

A bit reminiscent of May Sinclair, but not as radical about sexual desire or as ferocious about intellect and independence.