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Ultimate Comics Iron Man

Ultimate Comics Iron Man - Nathan Edmonson,  Matteo Buffagni (Illustrator) Apparently someone forgot to tell Nathan Edmonson he was writing Ultimate Tony Stark. While every other writer in the Marvel universe (and not a few artists) seems to be shifting their depictions closer to Robert Downey, Jr.'s by the day, Edmonson does a somber old-school drama-llama no-quips Tony Stark who bears no resemblance to the alcoholic partier who hides his kind heart and cold intellect behind an Oscar Wilde facade established by previous writers in the Ultimate universe. This Tony Stark also does not appear to have earned his own fortune, be close to his mother, or have a blond look-alike brother. He does, however, have daddy issues and new girlfriend fridged in the first issue.

The whole thing is an exercise in mediocrity that suddenly jumps all the way to Are-you-seriously-writing-this-here-in-2013?-SERIOUSLY? in the final issue.

As a bonus, in the final issue the villains are a pair of identical Chinese businesswomen (because why waste those cultural stereotypes about Asian uniformity and conformity), one of whom was Tony's dad's girlfriend (because why have an Asian woman who doesn't exist for the sexual benefit of a white man), both of whom defend their actions as defiance of the Man (because feminism and antiracism are only about the self-justification for the theft of the work and status of white men), and who turn out to be working for a man in the end after all (because women can't be a real challenge for men).