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Ruined by Rumor

Ruined by Rumor - Alyssa Everett A charming Regency romance which includes both a marriage of convenience and a hero who has been pining for the heroine in silence for some time. Two of my very favorite things! Alex Winston has long been in love with Roxana, his best friend's sister, but too shy to express his feelings and very aware that Roxana considers him staid and boring. When Roxana's long-term, dashing, and clearly caddish fiance jilts her after a five-year engagement, Alex comforts her and she is inadvertently compromised, requiring a marriage.

Roxana learns to respect Alex's seriousness, Alex learns to lighten up a little, Roxana's former fiance George keeps showing up to flirt and make sour grapes. The miscommunications between Alex and Roxana are more than plausible--you can see both why they should just talk openly with each other and why they each feel incapable of doing so.

There's still room for the author to bungle it with excessive jealousy in the last bit, but I'm hoping for just the right amount of jealousy instead.

Trigger warning for miscarriage.

[eta] I think that might have been excessive jealousy. But I still like the book.