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Resistance - L.M. Turner read kindle sample. If this author didn't start out writing J2, I will eat my hat. I don't know if I have a hat. My theoretical hat is safe anyway, because this author *totally* started out writing J2.

... Okay, read full e-book. Jensen Ryan doesn't do relationships, only hook-ups. Somehow Jared Jayden gets past all his reservations and rules. It doesn't hurt that all of Ryan's friends are rooting for him, including Daneel Olivia, Chris Kane Eddie, and Mischa I-forget-his-story-name.

This has more of an emotional arc than The Subtle Build of Perfection, but the length makes the lack of description (both of background and of characters) even more distracting. Jayden and Ryan have some American -- or, frankly, Texan -- speech tics, like "Imma" for "I'm gonna," but in a lot of other places their sentence structure is English (British-English, I mean). But the worst thing for me is that Turner often oversteps the line between "friendly ribbing" and "insulting your friends". A lot of the "snappy" dialogue was just too abrasive for me. I'm also seldom fond of friends-as-yentas and this had a lot of them.

Summary: You can get better J2 for free, and that so many original m/m readers were blown away by this doesn't make me eager to continue looking at the genre.