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彩雲国物語 黄粱の夢 (角川ビーンズ文庫)

彩雲国物語 黄粱の夢 - Sai Yukino, 雪乃紗衣, Kairi Yura, 由羅カイリ GAIDEN 4
Title: 黄粱の夢(Kouryou no Yume)
Anime: Not animated
Published: May 2009
鈴蘭の咲く頃に ("Suzuran no Saku Koro ni": In the Lily of the Valley Season, originally published June 2007 in The Beans vol 9)
空の青、風の呼ぶ声 ("Sora no Ao, Kaze no Yobu Koe": Blue of the Sky, the Voice of Wind Calling, originally published August 2008 in The Beans vol 11)
千一夜[書き下ろし] ("Sen-ichiya [Kakioroshi]": Thousand and One Nights [You Write, Lowering], new material)
千一夜そのあとに[書き下ろしショート] ("Sen一ichi Sono Ato ni [Kakioroshi Shooto]": 1001 Night After That [You Write, Lowering & Short Circuiting], omake)
Summary and Translation:
Suzuran no Saku Koro ni (Seiran backstory short novel)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/3720.html (Prologue 1)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/3976.html (Prologue 2)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/4180.html (Chapter 1)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/4563.html (Chapter 2)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/4820.html (Chapter 3)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/5130.html (Chapter 4)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/5560.html (Chapter 5)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/5727.html (Chapter 6)
http://keseranpasaran.livejournal.com/5938.html (Epilogue)
Sora no Ao, Kaze no Yobu Koe (Ensei backstory short novel)
http://community.livejournal.com/saiunkoku/313525.html (scans and introduction)
http://worldserpent.livejournal.com/321140.html (provisional short summary)
http://hi.baidu.com/%D0%C7%C6%DA%B6%FE%B5%C4ruby/blog/item/4bff7f450c328e37869473a4.html (prologue and part 1)
http://tuesday-white.livejournal.com/1244.html (part 2)
http://tuesday-white.livejournal.com/1465.html (part 3)
Summary by wishfull2 1/3
Summary by wishfull2 2/3
Summary by wishfull2 3/3