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The Stellar Six of Gingacho Volume 2 GN

The Stellar Six of Gingacho Volume 2 GN - Fujimoto Yuuki Shiny nostalgic version of childhood. Jumped a year to high school -- Mike studied desperately to attend the same high school as Kuro, but hasn't realized why yet; she is determined that things remain always the same, not realizing that they're already changing. A story about the gang discovering who's vandalizing a neighborhood shop; a story about the sports teams trying to chase down Mike and Kuro as members; a story about a new family who's moved to Gingacho, much to the anger of the small child in it, who misses her old friends. Unsurprisingly, Mike, who loves her own neighborhood so, befriends and comforts her.

The energy of the Mike and Kuro tag-team grocery hawkers keeps those segments fresh despite their repetitive nature; they're often drawn as (and called) a squabble of kittens, but I think of them as baby monkeys half the time, climbing all over awnings and fences and desks and each other.

Also includes Fujimoto's debut story to fill out the volume, a competent enough tale also focusing on nostalgia for an intense childhood friendship, with an unnecessary sf component.

I may drop this to taichiyomi until I see if there's more plot movement.