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The High King's Golden Tongue (Love is Always Write) - Megan Derr I could talk about the problems with plotting, psychology, and exposition, but that all pales besides the big Narrative 101 error: The entire plot is propelled by the disastrous first meeting between King Sarrica and his fiance Allen, WHICH IS NEVER SHOWN. Sarrica insults and humiliates Allen for not being a warrior, so Allen runs off to buy books for consolation (a wise choice, I approve), then gets himself recruited as a valuable interpreter for the king's mercenaries in order to show his worth. The entire plot depends Allen's attraction to Sarrica and longing to prove himself, and later Sarrica's regret and desire to make amends, and yet we never see the meeting that kicks the whole thing off. Apparently, the author just forgot to write the story's first chapter.