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Greek Street: Blood Calls for Blood

Greek Street, Vol. 1: Blood Calls for Blood - Davide Gianfelice, Peter Milligan Greek mythology as a soap opera among the down & out and rich & corrupt of contemporary London. I read the entire volume because I wanted to see how the myths would be reinterpreted, but approximately 75% of the women in the book are strippers, there are a lot of bare breasts above improbable waists, the exposition is painful, and there's not a single likable character. I'm not sure why Actual Furies and visions are brought in when other things like the "monster" Daedalus keeps in a maze is the secret that he's gay; there doesn't seem to be any logic to what remains magical and mystical and what is given a mundane explanation.

I guess if you like Greek myths for the violence, this might be your thing. Me, I also liked the grandeur.

Lots of POC and also I think white groups who count as ethnic minorities in the UK, which would be more of a plus if they weren't all criminals and psychos.