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Acuerdos privados / Private Arrangements - Sherry Thomas Regency historical: After ten years' of polite and secretly bitter lack of cohabitation, Gigi requests a divorce from Camden so she can marry the sweet-natured and much younger painter Lord Frederick. Gigi and Camden are plausible as damaged and damaging to themselves: their misundertandings feel real, and Thomas avoids one of the easy outs of Gigi's obligation to Frederick. That said, by the end it feels a turn or two too many, the supporting characters are too flat for the romance involving them, and the uncomplicated happiness of the ending feels untrue. I'm not sure if Gigi and Camden feel quite rich enough to support the complexity of character the plot demands, or maybe it's that the plot ended up too predictable to do them justice: Anyway, the last third mismatches tones in a way the first two-thirds avoided.

But nice prose, interesting characterization, will be checking out her second novel, which looks like it should have excellent food values.