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Tramps Like Us: Volume 13 - Yayoi Ogawa Momo (Takeshi) goes to Belgium to study dance; Sumire misses him and has to make decisions about she's going to balance work and a long-distance relationship, while still missing Hasumi-sempai. Hasumi-sempai and Fukushima work things out, but they both hit rock-bottom first.

I like that Ogawa doesn't stint on the consequences of even an amicable break-up that was more or less desired by both parties, who could never manage to communicate but did care for each other; I like that the declaration of desire between Momo and Sumire doesn't solve everything. And I like that Sumire's work and work-ethic are respected and not slighted. ([author:Masumi Tsuda], I am looking at you.)

One more volume. I hope it doesn't do a [book:Kare Kano] on me.