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Little Vampire - Joann Sfar I think what I love most about Sfar's work is how confidently and centrally Jewish it is. It's not always a big deal, and it isn't here; it's just a fact. When the skeletal Captain asks the little boy Michael to swear on the sign of the cross, Michael says, "I'm Jewish." "Swear on the sign of the star, then." "We don't do that," Michael says. "Besides, I'm an atheist."

Little Vampire is tired of being the only kid in a house of ghosts and monsters. He wants to go to school. The monsters take him, but the school is empty and he's all alone: belatedly, he realizes maybe human kids go to school during the day. The monsters have a solution, although they do not intend for it to include Little Vampire doing someone else's math homework and befriending a human boy.

This is adorable! I'm glad First Second is bringing it to Sfar's new adult English-language audience, although I hope it still gets shared with the kids at whom it was originally directed.