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Future Lovers Volume 1 - Saika Kunieda, 国枝 彩香 I'd read a few of her short stories in scanlation and been intrigued by an emphasis on plot and atmosphere unusual in shojo and shonen-ai, and by slightly better than average characterization. Little of this is in evidence in the main story, standard yaoi about a straight guy who discovers he's gay and the gay guy who introduces him to the delights of homosexuality but has been burned too often by oblivious or experimenting straight boys to believe in happily ever after. The side story about a pair of foster siblings who fall in love works slightly better, but still isn't worth much effort to seek out.

Various stories as by Sakai Kunie or Saka Kunieda are far more interesting: try "Dark Eyes," "Reflections in Water," "The Guardian," or "The Love Letter."