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Night World, No. 3 - L.J. Smith So far, Night World is my favorite L.J. Smith series, because it is the most cracktastic. It is full of the kinds of stuff your sixteen-year-old id comes up with and incorporates into your private vast crossover-ridden original fiction playground. (Everybody mashes up all their favorite characters and tropes into a personal fantasy playground when they're sixteen, right? Right? Guys?) It has a secret history of the world, in which there is a Night World of witches, vampires, and shapeshifters, who are now trying to bring on the apocalypse, opposed only by an idealistic group of humans, witches, vampires, and shapeshifters with a nifty cool name (Circle Daybreak), and also there are soulmate bonds, reincarnation, and, lately, dragons. Sadly I am not as keen on soulmate bonds now as I was when I was sixteen, but L.J. Smith still is. Also, she is far too fond of vampires (boring!) and not fond enough of dragons (BEST THING EVER!), but no one is perfect.

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