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The Story of Saiunkoku, Vol. 2 - Kairi Yura, Sai Yukino In this volume: Shurei is kidnapped! Seiran's true identity is revealed! (No one is surprised.) The Black Wolf's true identity is revealed! (I am very surprised.)

My very favorite thing, though, is the side story about Shoka and Ryuki's first meeting, because (a) Shoka! (b) Ryuki! (c) adorable wee Ryuki! Shoka crying because he misses his dead wife! Ryuki earnestly steaming pork buns in a stolen helmet! Bruised empty-eyed wee Ryuki! Purple-faced choking wee Ryuki who has just had his first taste of Shoka's tea (Illustrated. Note how he is clearly purple-faced despite being a black and white drawing.)!

... I was trying to take notes so I could remember what happened in which volume, but I just cannot contain myself from tangents inaccessible to anyone who hasn't read the series and/or insufferable to anyone who doesn't already adore the characters.