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Rasetsu, Vol. 1 - Chika Shiomi Related to a previous series, Yurara, which I haven't read; new main character; stands alone fine, although spoils some things about the earlier series.

I love a bunch of medium/exorcist/spiritualist encounters ghosts/spirits/fairies manga, but lately all of them have revolved around boys or men: XXXHolic, Mushishi, Natsume's Book of Friends,Time and Again. The last ones I can remember featuring a girl are Her Majesty's Dog and Dokebi Bride. So I am the look-out for girls who see Things.

Rasetsu doesn't have quite the focus on traditional Japanese (or Korean or Chinese or etc.) folklore I wanted, but it does have a kick-ass girl protagonist who exorcises ghosts and has a Tragic Past and Cursed Future. She handles this by becoming tough as nails. I like.

The reaction of the men around Rasetsu to her fondness for sweets may be triggering for food disorders/fatphobia, although I read it as much more about the taste of sweetness (which Japanese men are supposed to dislike, there is a lot of gender stuff around this) than about quantity of food. So it reads to me sort of like Rasetsu is flaunting an exaggerated femininity in the face of disapproval.