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Freefall Romance - Hyouta Fujiyama More salarymen, because sometimes it's nice to get away from jailbait. Youichi Nanase, the older brother of Kouichi from [book:Ordinary Crush], has just found out his baby brother is gay, and isn't happy about it. He spills his sorrows to his friend and work colleague, Renji Tsutsumi, and then feels better after a night's drunken babbling. But apparently hearing people talk about homosexuality makes you gay, because Tsutsumi is now attracted to Youichi. He picks a remarkably bad time to make his first move, but the guys work it out.

Repressed homosexuality as homophobia apparently runs in the Nanase family; it takes Youichi a while to work out his feelings for Tsutsumi, who is much less conflicted about his discovery. There's nothing that thoughtful about gay identity here -- both characters call it "immoral," it's just that Tsutsumi's response is, "So what?" -- but Tsutsumi is unusually careful for a seme in asking permission before making his moves.