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Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic after Thirty Years
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Annette LaPointe
Love Hurts: Aishiatteru Futari: 1 - Suzuki Tanaka Short story collection, nice art, decent story-telling somewhat hampered by short form. Content notes: domestic violence. A man is discovered with the corpse of a boyfriend he may or may not have murdered; a college kid prostitutes himself for love of a straight guy, and gets into fistfights with the roommate whom he may not realize loves him. (The love-interest of the second is a character in the first, and both feature a cameo by a minor character, a smooth smiling hit man whom the people around him don't seem to realize is a sociopath; inexplicable from the story as given, maybe he's from another series.) A somewhat longer and more successful story about two boyhood friends from a town where everyone is a superhero: they fight crime! Literally! In Tokyo! It is adorable. I would have only liked it better as a full series with more crime-fighting adventure. The last story is shojo (het romance), a grumbly boy in love with a girl who speaks to aliens; he doesn't know how to speak to her, really, and it's not entirely clear whether she wants to speak to him. It is strangely sad.