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Invincible Iron Man, Volume 2: World's Most Wanted, Book 1 - Salvador Larroca (Artist),  Matt Fraction I had a long review halfway written, but lost it due to leechblock. Will have to reconstruct it later.

Short version:

Plot "logic": -100

The art: -50. I think it may be even worse than Volume 1. Getting a haircut and shaving off a beard should not change someone's jawline. Also the coloring continues to be horribly supersaturated and all the textures are too smooth. Human skin looks like it's made out of plastic.

Tony Stark: self-destructive asshole trying to kill self out of guilt for Registration and Captain America's death, semi-consciously engineering collusion of friends in his punishment to try to force their forgiveness. Plot logic still is not, though.

Pepper Potts: interesting! Hung up on self-destructive boss. I like her development, except for the suit of armor with breasts on the breastplate. I mean, I didn't expect any better, but it still annoys me.

Maria Hill: awesome! Why doesn't Maria Hill have her own book? I like her.