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Secret Avengers by Rick Remender - Volume 2 - Rick Remender, Renato Guedes, Matteo Scalera Remender's Secret Avengers is hella more fun than Brubaker's. I don't particularly care about the overarching robot rebellion plot, which is in any case disrupted by Mandatory Summer Event Crossover Hijinks, but the writer and the characters seem to be having fun, and therefore so am I. I am especially fond of overcompensating insecure asshole Hawkeye and the Flash Thompson/Valkyrie romance (fast as the latter seemed to go). The characterization may be slight, but it's deft, and it's a better balance than Brubaker's plot-heavy retreads.

Nice shout out to the movie in the Hawkeye/Black Widow fight, though the deadpan explanation of the original Human Torch's medal of honor may be the best part.