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Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - Russell T. Davies, Benjamin Cook, Philip Pullman Pretty much the strengths and weaknesses you would expect. Interesting reading about BBC TV production, which is not as different from US production as I'd expect -- it seems to end up with the same crazed rush at (and well past) deadlines despite the apparently more sensible schedule and more limited seasons.

Davies is surprisingly oblivious to some of his own prejudices/carelessness -- I'd have expected the awareness of how gay men are stereotyped in the media (he complains, understandably, about how often his interviews camp him up) to lead to some self-consciousness about casting women as "bulldyke prison guards," but apparently not. What has a bigger effect on his writing, though, is his complete lack of awareness re: savior figures and the Doctor -- he appears to think he's writing against messianic figures, which I do not find a credible analysis of the text (Doctor Who, not The Writer's Tale).

I am probably annoyed by his working methods and self-obsessive introspection far more than is warranted; he reminds me far too much of me.