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The Malorie Phoenix - Janet Mullany Pickpocket Jenny Smith and impoverished lordling Benedict de Malorie have a one-night stand at Vauxhall, after which Jenny steals the Malorie Phoenix (a necklace) out of Benedict's pocket and finds herself pregnant. A year later, unable to sell the all-too-recognizable gem and believing she's dying, Jenny leaves her baby with Benedict, the child's swaddling clothes holding the gem. Seven years later, an untrustworthy stranger asks Jenny to impersonate Benedict's former fiancee. She agrees for the money and for the chance to see her daughter again, intending to retrieve the child.

As a first draft, this isn't so bad; as a novel, it's terrible. The pacing is choppy and the character logic strained; the erotic details seem odd and out of place, the sex scenes more detailed than anything else, but all the less plausible for the attention paid to them, so this doesn't work even as erotica. (Jenny and Benedict are both virgins, but he's confident when seducing her, and she thinks twice about the Dedication, but everything of hers I've tried since then has been a disappointment, either well-done but insubstantial (The Rules of Gentility) or ambitious but appalling (Forbidden Shores).