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Good Witch of the West: The Girl of Sera Field - Noriko Ogiwara First of a series of light novels, so far significantly less impressive than the Magatama series. Ogiwara's take on Western fairy tales (one character is called, embarassingly, "Rune Ltskin," as an easier version of "Rumplestiltkin"), set in a kinda-sorta-medievalish-Europish fairytale setting. The land of Graal is ruled by "The Good Witch of the West," a long-lived queen who is about to select her heir. Firiel, an innocent girl from nowhere, becomes entangled in what turns out to be part of the struggle for the succession.

A lot of the characterization feels rote shojo manga, but I'm curious enough about some of the details (especially why fairy tales are considered heretical) that I'll definitely read the next novel and probably read as much of the manga as got published before Tpop dissolved. (The English translations of the novels died an earlier death; like most of Tpop's book line, they had slapdash marketing and no success.)