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Among Others - Jo Walton I'm not sure what to say about this. It's very good, but it didn't overwhelm me with love or recognition the way it has a lot of people, maybe simply because advance press told me it would. The fantasy bits are very good and it doesn't feel drifting or anticlimactic even though I kept expecting things to become plot that didn't: her mother knowing the name Mori is using (chilling), what the fairies really want at the end, the signs that Wim will not be a good boyfriend (it's not the previous girlfriend's pregnancy scare, it's that he keeps calling his two previous girlfriends "stupid," and lies about still dating one).

Interesting choice not to make the references to other books more accessible. Reviewers keep treating this as inevitable, but it's not; Mori writes up her family as if explaining it to an outsider, but it doesn't seem to occur to her to treat novels the same way.