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Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 2 - Julietta Suzuki Two stories: (1) A crow tengu disguised as a teen idol hunts Nanami at high school. (2) Another god covets Tomoe and the shrine, steals Nanami's god-mark, and shrinks Tomoe to the apparent size and age of a five year old, making him ill from the mismatch of power and body. Nanami hauling around kid-sized Tomoe like an extra big stuffed teddy is adorable and it's nice to see Nanami doing things for Tomoe and Tomoe working his way into a more voluntary accomodation with her. But the forced misunderstandings are already tired, and the relationships are still shallow. I wasn't as wowed by Suzuki's take on the mononoke redesign in this one; both the tengu and the goddess are much more typical character types and designs than Volume 1's catfish princess.