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Sand Chronicles, Vol. 3 - Hinako Ashihara Ann, confused by Fuji's kiss, kisses Daigo more aggressively; Daigo gropes her more intimately than she's prepared for, and they argue. Fuji claims he kissed Ann as a joke, deceiving no one except Ann. Shika finds out she's illegitimate. Ann and Daigo have sex. Shika is in love with Daigo but, feeling it's hopeless, agrees to go out with Endo, since he's kind of nice and Daigo approves of him. When another boy assaults her and Daigo rescues her, she flies into his arms with revealing fervor. Ann's father's friend Kaede tells Ann Fuji reminds her of Ann's mother: strong on the surface, but brittle underneath. Ann and Fuji watch fireworks and Fuji admits that he's always been in love with Ann. Ann doesn't return his feelings but, troubled, tries to explain how muh she cares for him, asking him to speak to her if he's in distress. He laughs and says he's fine, and then disappears.

So far, I have to admit I like Fuji and Shika better than Ann and Daigo.