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xxxHolic, Vol. 9 - CLAMP, William Flanagan Reread 2011. In which we meet Dômeki's dead grandfather and Kohane-chan. Watanuki inadvertently buys Dômeki and Himawari's dreams, is rescued by Dômeki's grandfather, and trades dreams with a dream seller who stores dreams in balloons. He sends a dream as a gift to the fox cub. In a park, he meets a sad little girl whose mother never touches her: Kohane. They guide a kindly spirit from a cherry tree to Dômeki's temple; Watanuki gives Kohane an umbrella; Dômeki secretly purchases the spirit's peace.

Also: Original!Syaoran shows up, looking grim, and asking Yuuko to reunite him with his missing right eye.

This series has no shading that isn't cross-hatched by hand, and it has no internal monologues; we only know what the characters speak aloud. This seems a seinen tendency, though admittedly I'm going by this, Naoki Urasawa (浦沢 直樹), and Emma 1, which isn't a broad enough sample.