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xxxHolic, Vol. 5 - CLAMP, William Flanagan Reread 2011. This is where I fall in love with the series.

The zashiki-warashi (rain spirit) hires Watanuki and Dômeki to rescue a "pure spirit." The one where Watanuki almost dies because he can't abandon a lonely child, and Dômeki makes his first trade with Yuuko to save him and ends up standing out in the rain for ten hours, desperately holding onto the ribbon that is keeping Watanuki alive. The hydrangeas. The zashiki-warashi says, "Humans do nothing to helpthe precious things of this world. Why should the precious things help some human?"

Then there is a long story in which a girl with wings acts aggressively and the pipe fox demonstrates its love for Watanuki. The story is kind of dull, but I &heart; the pipe fox.

Watanuki gives the ame-warashi a White Day present.