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Invisible Boy: v. 1 - Hotaru Odagiri I have a nostalgic fondness for [author:Hotaru Odagiri]: [book:Only the Ring Finger Knows] was one of the first yaoi manga I read. This is similarly sweet, not even shrink-wrapped: no sex, not even kisses.

Yuushi Kitou is the hard-working, gorgeous, apparently perfect president of the Outou Academy Student Council. He is drawn to Nagi Tokieda, one of the Council secretaries, who is cute and sweet and inexplicably given to asking friends if they like him. ("Like him?" every single one wonders. "*Like* him-like him?") Nagi, it turns out, despite his friendly demeanor, is somewhat withdrawn and distrusting; his mother abandoned him when he was very young, and his father is never home and is prone to setting up dates he never meets. Nagi's secret despair is that he doesn't like himself, so he knows no one else can really like him; no matter how much he attempts to perfect his skills and his interactions, he can't bring himself to self-acceptance. What Yuushi and the rest of the Student Council have to offer here is that they tell him it's okay: that they like him now, imperfect as he is, as hard as it is for him to like himself. This is a storyline that made me cry in [book:Fruits Basket] and it makes me cry here.

Yuushi also performs a dramatic run to retrieve a talisman from a temple to wish for Nagi's happiness. That part is nice, too.

There are a mass of supporting characters here, many of whom I had a hard time telling apart, despite the helpful table up front, but concentrating on Yuushi and Nagi got me through, and I'm looking forward to learning more about Yuushi and his relationship with stern glasses-wearing vice-president Akira Takamura in volume 2, since the two have a closeness that has not yet been explained.