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Her Majesty's Dog, Volume 7 - Mick Takeuchi This one has three separate storylines: one in which Takako discovers a love letter meant for Amane, one in which Amane's birthday is celebrated, and one (ongoing) in which the monks who are competitors with Amane's family accuse Hyoue of assaulting one of them and embroil Amane and Hyoue in magical politics.

I'm really pleased with Takako's story; I always enjoy the focus on her friendship with Amane, and how Amane's world doesn't revolve simply around Hyoue and kotodama. As always, Takako's reluctant honesty and Amane's generosity of spirit deepen the bonds of their friendship.

The birthday story is sweeter than I thought, although I hate the vain, girlish-looking classmate and I am bored with boys being forced to dress as girls.

The third story has the most potential; I look forward to Amane's continued struggles with her heritage and inherited roles, which at this point seem to offer more scope for storytelling than her misunderstandings of the modern world. I'd also love to learn more about the koma-oni.