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Lover's Flat - Hyouta Fujiyama There's nothing special about Hyouta Fujiyama's storylines and her art can be downright clumsy, but I find something about her characters terribly endearing. Maybe it's the way so many of her POV characters, once they realize they're in love, don't beat around the bush: they declare themselves straightforwardly and do their best to be honest with their partners.

Lover's Flat (aka Love in a 1K Apartment) is about two pairs of lovers living in tiny Tokyo apartments (1K is a measure of area); as a New Yorker, I symapthized. Kouno has a crush on his friend Natsu and is surprised when Natsu accepts a drunken pass, then dissatisfied and frightened by the ensuing relationship, because he's afraid that straight boy Natsu will dump him when the right girl comes along or when Natsu realizes the real strength of Kouno's feelings. Kouno, unlike a lot of yaoi boys, does conceive of himself as gay, but he also has some internalized homophobia to get past, exacerbated by painful experiences at his last high school.

Next door, Naomichi is confused when his roommate Kei confesses his affections. He eventually decides he reciprocates them, but struggles with the physical nature of the relationship: he's a virgin, is used to thinking of himself as straight, and is intimidated by sex for both reasons.

What I like about Fujiyama is the sense that trust is important in her depiction of romantic relationships, and that the people she's writing about--whether confused, optimistic, damaged, or whole-hearted--are trying to do their best for themselves and each other.