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Secret War - Brian Michael Bendis, Gabriele Dell'Otto This felt like it should be much more impressive than it ultimately is. The art is GORGEOUS -- I really like the painted look, although sometimes the leather outfits looked like they were just coats of glossy paint over people's bare skin. Still, it's striking and atmospheric and the artist uses models who don't look exactly like the kind of Aryan Marvel default for many characters, and you can actually tell people apart even when they have the same hair color or facial hair.

This is impressive in showing Nick Fury as being even sketchier than Civil War Tony Stark, which I guess is Bendis' point, although it feels sort of anticlimactic because we don't get a lot about either the Secret War or its aftermath -- Luke Cage is still in the hospital, we don't get a huge amount about the betrayal Fury's ad hoc team feels (I guess Captain America and Logan are supposed to stand in for everyone? I am more interested in how people react long-term to the betrayal and the unreliability of their own memories, though, so this wasn't satisfying enough).

Half the book is ancilliary material by someone else about Fury's backup plans and rejected team members -- appendix stuff, not main content. Some interesting ideas, but Fury sounds far too sentimental.

This does add some interesting undertones to Cap's intrasigence during Civil War, but that entire plotline is so fucked-up and poorly executed I am never sure whether anything that looks sensible really is or is just a coincidence.