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Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic after Thirty Years
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New Avengers Vol. 6: Revolution (v. 6) - Brian Michael Bendis I just lost a huge write-up. Ugh, Firefox.

#22 - Art by Alex Maleev. Clint Barton goes looking for Wanda Maximoff, who killed and resurrected him twice. Unsurprisingly, I love it. Spooky (Clint approaching the closed door) and sensuous (Klimt-referencing kiss).

#23 - Art by Leinil Yu (sigh). The New Avengers, hunted by Tony Stark's SHIELD, rescue Echo from the Hand (Japanese yakuza) and discover that Skrulls (shapechanging aliens) have invaded, occupied positions of power, and are undetectable by means that used to work. I love the half-issue that is basically Echo's monologue (a letter she wrote to Matt Murdock), but the rest is mostly action, which leaves me cold.