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Dark Avengers, Vol. 1: Assemble - Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato Jr., Will Conrad If there are breasts in a panel, Mike Deodato will organize the panel around them. It is really very noticeable. Hello, here is Morgana le Fey threatening Victor Von Doom as a child. Colors, shadows, and spaces are arranged to highlight Morgana's breasts. Hello, here is an overhead shot of the Dark Avengers assembling in Avengers Tower. What is the panel's focal point? Victoria Hand's breasts. (I love how the women in these business or paramilitary organizations always expose half their cleavage. And by love I mean WTF? Have you ever been in an office building?)

Every single woman is balanced off-center whenever she appears, but that's not exclusive to Deodato in superhero art, sadly.

Norman Osborn's persuasion of the Sentry to his side is strangely affecting.