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Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human - Warren Ellis, Cary Nord May have read in December, I forget. Anyway, this is another Ultimate Iron Man tale from Warren Ellis that starts off with compelling and intriguing character, moral, and plot questions and then ends up in bizarre WTF-is-that and WTF-does-that-have-to-do-with-any-of-these-issues pulp comics land. Bruce Banner comes to Tony Stark to beg the use of Stark's nanotech to inhibit the Hulk. Stark agrees to help, and there's some interesting and tense conversation between the two of them about directed human evolution -- the debonair and successful Stark vs. the pinched and self-destroyed Banner, technological enhancement vs. biological rewiring.

Then some guy with a big bulging brain shows up and everything is resolved by giant monsters smashing everything to pieces.

This is probably not the best review for it, but since the book deals with Tony Stark and nanotech, I will register my frustration over the fact that Ultimate Tony is dying of a brain tumor which no one seems to think of using his nanotech to manage, even though it's apparently small enough and adaptable enough to counter intracellular changes for the Hulk. I suppose it really ought to go in Ultimates 2 and is really the fault of Mark Millar, but every single time a Stark nanotech plot comes up, I am annoyed by this plot hole all over again.