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Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight - Dexter Soy, Emma Ríos, Kelly Sue DeConnick Read in issues, reread in trade. I love the characterization, the banter, and the emphasis on relationships between women, especially the construction of a heroic matrilineage for Carol Danvers. Dexter Soy's art works much better with the shift to brighter colors in the second or third issue, and Emma Rios' is blessedly free of objectification of women; that said, it is hugely jarring to go from Soy's more mimetic style to the deliberate cartoonishness of Rios' in the middle of the arc, and neither of them seems to fit the tone of the book as well as Terry Dodson's did for Carol's guest appearance in Avenging Spider-Man. (Sadly not collected here.)