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Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif, Vol. 1: Stronger Than Monsters - Valerio Schiti, Kathryn Immonen After Kieron Gillen's Kid Loki run, Marvel relaunched Journey into Mystery with a focus on Sif, who is Thor's wife in Norse mythology and a great warrior and Thor's sometime girlfriend in the Marvel version. Asgard has recently fallen and been besieged, and Sif is determined to become better able to protect it. The means that she chooses carry an unexpected price, and make her dangerous to her friends as well as her enemies.

This suffers from coming after the Gillen run, because it's well-done but not brilliant. The change in characters, focus, and tone do help diminish the comparison. (Although Immonen keeps some of Gillen's supporting cast, particularly Volstagg's family.) This arc makes a pretty good fantasy adventure, except that the last issue wraps the storyline up too quickly and in a slightly confusing way.

The series is being canceled soon, which is sad; I like it so much better than others that appear to be going strong.

The art is nice and nicely nonobjectifying -- Sif stands like a warrior, not a pin-up, and there are no panels oh-so-carefully arranged to show off her ass.

Well, mostly nicely nonobjectifying. The supporting cast are all in medievalish clothing, with both women and men clothed for the Norse winter. Sif, however, is walking around in fur-lined shorts. Her shirt actually covers her entire torso, though! (Oh, superhero comics.) And she does not wear ridiculous metal boob armor.

I am so frustrated Marvel can't manage an art team like this for Captain Marvel. I have to admit to wishing that Schiti and Matteo Scalera would be switched over to Captain Marvel after Journey into Mystery ends.