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Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price Good in that the entire series has been building up to this. Bad in that we still didn't get any flashbacks to the worst part of Camp Hell, which makes Vic's resolution harder to buy, and also in that I was finally forced to give up my theory that Jacob wasn't a psychic groupie, he was really turned on whenever Vic felt safe enough to tell him something true. Especially bad in that "hot" and "psychic groupie" are practically Jacob's only defining characteristics. He is by far the weakest of the series' characters.

Vic's voice is still great, though, and I'm glad that his first impressions of Zigler were so off -- I am always put off by characters who are infallibly right.

Some sketchy racial stuff, mostly confined to minor characters and one-offs, so it doesn't totally destroy the book. Though I do not understand how a guy living in Chicago can know only one Asian person.