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Unveiled - Courtney Milan The parts where the brothers think they hate each other made me tear up. The parts where it seemed like Margaret would only find self-worth because Ash told her to made me cranky, but Milan eventually addressed it. Still, this somehow wasn't as good as I'd expected after Unlocked; I kept expecting it to be just a little bit better than it was. Or maybe Ash and Margaret were too sensible for my angst-loving heart; the deceptions which would lead to grandiose melodrama in other books were dealt with as if they were happening to reasonable people without major trust issues. I'm not sure that's exactly what I want in a romance.

Then again, the characters are sensible at the end but bog-standard romance at the beginning, so.

I am also incredibly unthrilled with Ash taking advantage of the (apparent) power differential between himself and Margaret and never really getting called on it by the book. Even Margaret thinks he's an admirable guy.