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The D'neeran Factor - Terry A. Adams The omnibus title is The D'neeran Factor, a truly terrible title that is all the more puzzling because the component books, Sentience and The Master of Chaos, had pretty good ones.

I started re-reading Sentience and discovered I still like the prose and some of the world-building, I have concerns about other things in the world-building, and the pages of my copy are very, very yellow. An ebook copy seemed a worthwhile investment.

The telepathic population of D'neera is regarded with distrust by the rest of humanity. Hanna Bassanio nevertheless wants to be on the crew of a human expedition because she is fascinated by alien minds (she has controversial theories about some of the species humanity has already contacted) and wants to be involved in first contact encounters. In both Sentience and The Master of Chaos, she gets her wish in the worst way possible.

I still like these a lot -- I like Hanna, the protagonist, and I like the flavor of the prose. When I first read them, I thought the second book was a retelling of the first, with an ending as dark as Adams wanted the first time; now I'm not so sure about either part of that, but I do feel like the trauma and assault piled on Hanna get to be too much, and I get very impatient with the completely unnecessary tragic ending being caused basically by one person not using any common sense. The book hangs a lampshade on this, provides a psychological explanation, but it still doesn't work for me.