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Untamed - Anna  Cowan Review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley.

This book, guys. This book. It's brilliant. It's terrible. It is sometimes both in the same sentence. Responses have been so varied there's been a review of all the reviews. The meta-review is appropriate, because in many ways, Untamed is as much a meta-romance as a romance.

The summary: Allegedly set in Regency England (we'll come back to this). Kit Sutherland is desperate to end her younger sister Lydia's affair with the notorious Duke of Darlington. The duke is desperate to get out of London--jealous husbands, exes masterminding challenges to his legitimacy and position, deeply improbable involvements in deeply implausible political schemes, you know how it goes. The duke agrees to drop Lydia if Kit will hide him at her home for a few weeks. When he shows up, he's in drag as "Lady Rose," which he maintains for about two-thirds of the book.

This was too long for the Goodreads entry limit, so the rest of the review is here.