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Deconstruction - Kit Zheng Novella about the relationship complications between Tomas, a stripper/part-time hooker, and Vic, a cop; they've been together three years and are beginning to feel unhappy for reasons neither of them can articulate. Vic is especially worried about Tomas now that a serial killer has begun targeting local male prostitutes, and especially frustrated that one of Tomas' regular clients is a dirty cop from Vic's own district. (Tomas tells Vic anything he asks about clients, except for names, contact info, or anything personally identifying.) Tomas pursues boundary-testing and consensual but not very safe or sane scenarios with Jon, the dirty cop, the more recklessly the more his relationship with Vic degrades.

I liked this quite a lot; humiliation is a really bad squick for me, and this is the first time I've felt like I could understand what other people see in it. And Vic and Tomas are darling.

Unfortunately, the publisher is cheating their authors out of royalties, so I can't recommend people buy this. :( Here's hoping to a quick rights reversion and republishing by another press.