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Night and Day

Night and Day - Virginia Woolf, Julia Briggs I'm putting this back the TBR shelves; I am just in the wrong mood for it and keep having to reread pages three times to remember what's just happened.

My initial impression is that this is formally more conservative not only than Woolf's later work but than her previous novel, [b:The Voyage Out|148905|The Voyage Out|Virginia Woolf|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328874751s/148905.jpg|1412170], an attempt to work in the Victorian mode rather than creating her own; Woolf is significantly more interesting when creating her own. You can see elements her later work would develop further -- I have a better sense of how the Victorian omniscient became the modernist stream-of-consciousness, for example, but what I mostly mean is the themes: already men regard women as mirrors which reflect them at twice their proper size; already women -- everyone really, men too -- benefit from rooms of their own.